Minecraft Not Working? Try My Fixes Before You Panic!


Are you having problems with Minecraft not working? Unfortunately, Minecraft isn’t the most stable of games, even at the best of times. This is largely due to the fact that it is an indie title running within Java; most other games by comparison are their own standalone programs. If you think Minecraft is buggy now just imagine what it would have been like when it was just Notch working on it!

Before you panic and proclaim that your Minecraft is permanently broken I’m going to run down the easiest ways to fix Minecraft that will work the majority of the time. If your Minecraft is working, but just lagging then make sure to check out my guide on how to make Minecraft faster.

Restart Everything You Can!

A lot of the time a problem with Minecraft not working can simply be your game, your computer or your internet Minecraft Not Workingconnection getting itself in a bit of a knot. In order to remedy this you will want to restart everything that you can; turning it on and off again really is an effective fix here!

The first and most obvious thing you will want to try is to close and re-open your game, sometimes Minecraft will not have launched properly and it can be as simple as re-opening the program to solve a problem.

Secondly, try turning your computer on and off again. There are numerous ways that your computer can mess things up and I’m not going to make my head hurt by trying to list them all off here. However, as a general rule of thumb turning your computer on and off again can be a great way to fix anything that might be going wrong.

Finally, if your problem with Minecraft is related to an internet connection then you will also want to restart your internet router. This will reset your internet connection and help alleviate any bugs that might be effecting your network.

If, unfortunately, none of this has helped then you will want to move onto the next group of fixes.

Force an Update

Forcing an update in Minecraft 1.6.2. and higher isn’t as easy as it used to be in previous versions of the launcher, but it still isn’t difficult.

Essentially forcing an update deletes the latest data that your Minecraft launcher has on the game and restores it with the newest version. If your update didn’t download properly or if you have been unable to download the update before this point then this is a great way to get your Minecraft back up to date.

  1. Open up the Run menu in Windows and type in %appdata% and hit search.
  2. In the window that opens up enter the .minecraft folder.
  3. Then open up the versions folder.
  4. Delete the contents of this folder.
  5. Re-open Minecraft and continue as normal. The newest version of Minecraft will be re-installed automatically.

If you are unclear on how to go about this then consult the below video:

Re-Install Minecraft

If forcing an update still hasn’t prevented Minecraft not working properly then you might have to consider re-installing the whole Minecraft.exe program. In order to do this you will have to delete Minecraft and all of it’s related files from your computer.

This can be done in the same way as in the above video, but this time you are going to want to delete the entire .minecraft folder from your computer. Before you do this though you may wish to back up any worlds that you have so you don’t lose your progress.

Once you have gotten rid of Minecraft you can re-download it from the Minecraft website by following the links below.

Minecraft for Windows
Minecraft for Mac
Minecraft for Linux

Re-installing Minecraft is a great way to fix your Minecraft if it hasn’t been working simply because it gives you brand new files to work from, which helps if anything has been corrupted or accidentally deleted from your computer. Working with robux generator could also help tweak things, learn how to get free robux here if you are interested.

Sort Out Java

As you might know Minecraft runs within Java, therefore any errors that are happening in your game may be caused by Java itself, rather than Minecraft. It is important that you keep Java up to date at all times, if you are experiencing issues with Minecraft, but you have an update waiting for Java then make sure to install it.

If you aren’t already then make sure you’re also running the 64-bit version of Java if you have a 64-bit Operating System. I’ve got a full guide on 64-bit Java here.

Have you got a more specific crash? Check out the guides below:

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