The Minecraft Bad Video Card Drivers Crash


One of the most frustrating errors which players will come across whilst playing Minecraft is the “Bad Video Card Drivers” error message. This message (pictured below) can be worrying when it appears, and is worrying for a lot of players.

Minecraft Bad Video Card Drivers

Try not to worry, 99% of the Bad Video Card Drivers error messages will appear simply because your graphics card (GPU) hasn’t been updated onto it’s latest piece of software. Many gamers aren’t even aware that video card drivers are updated regularly, and in an ideal world would be checked often to make sure that your PC is running optimally.

What Causes The Minecraft Bad Video Card Drivers Crash?

There are literally dozens of reasons that the Bad Video Card Drivers error message will pop-up when you try and start Minecraft. Each error is likely to be specific to the graphics card you currently have installed on your computer and your system’s other specifications.

Fortunately, no matter what the reason the crash has occurred there is a blanket fix that will work for the vast majority of users. We’ve run down the best ways we’ve found to fix the Minecraft Bad Video Card Drivers error below.

Bad Video Card Drivers : The Quick Fix

As you may well know computers can be fickle and the best of times, and in my experience they sometimes get themselves in a bit of a knot without much you can do about it. To save you the hassle of the below fix I highly recommend you undergo the following steps before you begin to see if the error goes away:

  1. Restart your Minecraft client.
  2. Restart your machine.
  3. Download a new Minecraft.exe file from the Minecraft website.
  4. Reinstall Java.
  5. Check for the latest Windows Updates and install them.

If none of the above quick fixes have worked and the Bad Video Card Driver message is still appearing when you are trying to start up Minecraft then the next thing to do is to update your video card drivers. Don’t worry, this is a lot less scary than it sounds!

Bad Video Card Drivers on Windows

We’ll begin with Windows; the OS the majority of Minecraft players use.

Installing a new graphics card driver on a Windows computer is really quick and easy, and for the most part is completely automated. The most difficult part of this process is finding out which GPU you currently have installed in your machine.

You may already know this, but if not don’t worry, we’ll walk you through how to find out!

1. Press the Windows Key + R to open the Run menu.
2. Type dxdiag into the box and wait a few seconds.
3. In the menu that appears look under the Display section.
4. There will be a section listed as Manufacturer, which will contain the make of your video card.

Now that we know the make of your video card the hard part is over. Your video card almost certainly one of three makes: AMD/ATI, NVIDIA or Intel. Each of these makes have web pages to visit to automatically update your video card drivers, linked below:

Once you get to your applicable web page everything is taken care of automatically; updating your video card drivers is a lot easier than it sounds!

Bad Video Card Drivers on Linux

If you’re playing Minecraft on a Linux computer and you have encountered the Bad Video Card Drivers error message you can fix the problem in a similar way.

Firstly, you will want to open up the Terminal and enter “lspci -v | less”. This will bring up the specifications of your computer, and under the VGA Compatible or Video Controller section you will find the name and manufacturer of your video card.

As with the Windows section you will now need to go to the manufacturers website applicable to your graphics card, each of which is linked for you below.

Bad Video Card Drivers on Mac

Typically, the Bad Video Card Drivers crash is less likely to occur on a Mac, as each graphics card is produced by Apple specifically for the machine in which it is placed. If you are still in encountering this error when trying to play Minecraft on a Mac then the best thing that you can do is ensure that all of your software and your OS is up to date.

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