How to Make Minecraft Run Faster


There are numerous ways to make Minecraft run faster; not all of which are immediately obvious. In this guide I’ll run down some of the best ways to make Minecraft run faster on your computer and allow you to have a much more enjoyable time playing Minecraft as a result.

Allocate More RAM To Minecraft

Allocating Minecraft more RAM frees up more of your computer’s internal memory to processing Minecraft, resulting in an increase in performance. More memory can be allocated by going through the “Edit Profile” button in the Minecraft launcher. If you’re having any trouble with this I have a full guide to allocating more RAM to Minecraft here.

Install 64-bit Java

If you’re running Minecraft on a 64-bit operating system then you are really limiting yourself if you aren’t using How to Make Minecraft Run Fasterthe 64-bit version of Java. Needless to say, the 64-bit version of Java is a much more powerful program for Minecraft to run within, and as an added bonus it allows you to allocate Minecraft even more RAM than you would be able to otherwise.

64-bit Java can be downloaded from the Java website, the link to which can be found in my full guide to 64-bit Java.

Keep Java Updated

As I’ve alluded to in the last section it is important to keep Java up to date and running at full speed if you want to Minecraft to run faster. You might be like my in that you will ignore any update notifications at that appear on your computer for as long as possible, but remembering to update Java is really important for any Minecraft player!

Any time you get a notification to update Java go ahead and do it straight away. The newer the version of Java you’re using the better it should perform and the faster Minecraft should run as a result.

Change the Priority of Minecraft in Task Manager

As I’ve mentioned on this page, changing the priority of Minecraft in your task manager is a great way to give Minecraft a painless performance boost. By opening up the task manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc you can right click on the Minecraft.exe, java.exe or javaw.exe file and change its priority to High or Realtime. This tells your computer to make Minecraft the main focus of your efforts.

Close Background Programs

In a similar vein you will also want to close any other programs that your computer is currently running. Having music playing or a web browser open in the background will drain your computer’s resources and reduce the performance of Minecraft. To allow Minecraft to run as smoothly as possible you will want to close everything else down.

Install the Optifine Mod

Optifine is a mod that some players may not have heard of, but it is a real game-changer for some players. Installing Optifine smooths out the performance spikes that Minecraft usually undergoes as you play and allows graphics to be rendered much more effectively. Installing Optifine is one of the most commonly recommended ways of making Minecraft run faster. You can find an installer for Optifine on the Minecraft Forum, here.

Remove Mods and Texture Packs

Tekkit LogoIn a perfect world the only mod that you will want installed to Minecraft is Optifine, any others have the potential to dramatically slow down your game; especially in the case of BuildCraft and other such complicated mod packs. If you never use a mod make sure to uninstall it to make life easier for your Minecraft client.

Similarly, you will want to use a default texture pack or another low resolution texture pack. Some of the more detailed, high resolution texture packs can slow down Minecraft an immense amount.

Turn Your Laptop to High Performance

One thing that gamers playing on a laptop may forget about is the power settings that they have at their disposal. By changing your laptop to High Performance by right clicking on the battery in the bottom right of your screen you are allowing your computer to make the host of its hardware. This will result in Minecraft run faster as a result.

Toggle Advanced OpenGL

Using Advanced OpenGL is a great way to increase the performance of Minecraft for very little effort. I’ve explained the ins and outs of Advanced OpenGL in this guide, but just try fiddling around with the setting to see what is best for you!

Use the Lowest Video Settings

I’ve saved the last 2 tips for last as they will affect your playing experience the most. Changing the video settings down to the lowest they will go is a very effective way of making Minecraft run faster. I’ve listed some of the most crucial video settings you will want to alter below:

Graphics: Fast
Render Distance: 2 Chunks
Smooth Lighting: Off
Particles: Off
Clouds: Off

As I’ve said, this might affect your enjoyability of the game so fiddle around with the settings until you reach a compromise you can deal with.

Turn off Sound

Finally, playing Minecraft without the sound is another way to make your game run faster. If you feel that sound is something you can sacrifice then turning it off means there is one less thing for your computer to worry about. Remember to turn it off in the in-game menu, not just by turning the volume of your computer down!

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