Internal Exception Connection Reset Error : A Guide


The Internal Exception Connection Reset error message appears for a lot of users when they are trying to connect with servers and play Minecraft in multiplayer mode. The error message may pop up immediately, or it might take 10-15 seconds to appear once you’ve connected with a server. You may have time to notice that you are unable to use chat features or place blocks in the game, before you are booted from the server and shown the Internal Exception Connection Reset shown below.

Internal Exception Connection Reset

Unlike with other error messages, very little information is given regarding the the cause of the crash or how to fix it. On this page we’re going to do everything we can to help you fix this common problem.

What Causes an Internal Exception Connection Reset Error?

There is no defined, single cause of the Internal Exception Connection Reset appearing, however all causes are associated with packet loss and high ping.

Regardless of how fast your internet is, if you’re latency or ping is high between your network and the server you are going to experience connection issues such as the one this page addresses. You can use the Internet Speed Test website to find out how high your Ping is and whether this has the potential to be causing problems. If your Ping is particularly high (and remains so over a long period of time) then I recommend that you contact your Internet Service Provider.

However, most of the time the Internal Exception Connection Reset message will appear because of issues between yourself and the Minecraft server, rather than anything technical on your end.

For instance, some versions of Java have issues interacting with one another; if you’re running an older version of Java than the server you are trying to connect to then you are more likely to experience this problem.

How to Fix an Internal Exception Connection Reset Error

There are multiple solutions that work effectively for different players, but we thought it would only be logical that we started with the most straight forward (and often the most effective). Before you try any other the latter fixes we’ve featured here then you will want to try the following:

  1. Restart your Minecraft client
  2. Restart your computer.
  3. Unplug and reconnect your router.
  4. Download a new version of the Minecraft.exe file.
  5. Ensure Java is up to date.

These 5 bullet points will fix a lot of instances of the Internal Exception Connection Reset error without going any further. However, if you’ve been unlucky in that you’re problem is being caused by something else then don’t panic! I’ve got some other fixes up my sleeve that will help you get back to playing Minecraft multiplayer.

Firstly, you will want to install the 64-bit version of Java where applicable. This is the latest, most powerful and cleanest version of Java that is available and by using it to run Minecraft you are giving your computer the best possible chance of avoiding the error message in future. Need to know more about 64-bit Java? Check out my guide on it!

Secondly, you will want to close down any network hosts that you have running in the background; Hamachi being one which is particularly popular amongst Minecraft players who use it to host their own small servers. These servers have been known to interfere with other connections, increase latency and make it more difficult for good connections to be formed.

If none of my methods so far have worked you’ve going to have to do some rummaging around IRL! Sometimes, wires and cables can be frayed or connected improperly and cause issues with connections. Do everything you can to make sure that your router is working properly.

If you’ve found that none of the above suggestions have worked then you may want to contact the server host, it may be the case that the server is undergoing problems or maintenance and therefore you are having issues connecting.

On the same train of thought you may want to contact a friend to see if they can connect to the Minecraft server from a different network. If they are not having any issues on their end then you may want to contact your ISP to see if there are currently any problems that might be affecting your latency or connection speed. They may even be able to fix the problem on their end!

Finally, sometimes the best remedy to the Internal Exception Connection Reset error is just to give it time. Come back to Minecraft in a couple of hours or in a day or two and you’ll probably find that the bug has worked itself out, as these things sometimes do!

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